Our loyalty program


1- Joining

The loyalty program applies automatically for new accounts and since March 7, 2018 for all our customers (non retroactive).

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2- Operation

With this program you can earn loyalty points for each order on our online store shop.nature-partage.com. You will also win 20 points every 5 orders and 5 points for each customer review sent (after validation of the coment by an administrator).
For 1€ spent on the shop (excluding freight costs) you will earn 2 points.
The points have an unlimited life, it is possible to consult the balance in the section “My account”.

3- Utilisation

You can use your loyalty points on each order above 20€ (excluding freight costs), they offer a fixed discount on your order of around 5€ per 200 points on the shop.nature-partage.com. When ordering, it is possible to define the number of points you want to use to enjoy the discount.

IMPORTANT :The discounts are neither refundable nor compensable. It is not possible to cumulate the reductions of a promotional code and the discount of the loyalty points on the same order. When you use your points, they are deducted from your balance.

4- Modification of the duration of the program

The website shop.nature-partage.com can modify, suspend or stop the loyalty point program at any time, provided that it informs the customers in advance. In case of a definitive end of the loyalty point program, customers will be informed by email and won’t be able to exercise recourse against shop.nature-partage.com. A modification or suppression of the program won’t give right to any compensation.

5- Responsability

The website shop.nature-partage.com is exempt from direct or indirect consequences of any anomalies or malfunctions of the loyalty point program, whatever their causes. However, the website shop.nature-partage.com undertakes to keep for each customer the benefit of its cumulative point in case of malfunction.

In case of contestation, only the information contained in the shop.nature-share.com database will prevail.

6- Exclusion from loyalty program

The non-respect of the terms and conditions, the abusive or fraudulent use of the benefits offered by our loyalty program, any behavior prejudicial to the interests of the company Nature & Partage, any falsification of the information transmitted by a customer or by a third party acting for the account of a customer, shall automatically entail its cancellation, the cancellation of his loyalty points or the benefits he would have obtained, without compensation of any kind.