Juice extractor Jazz Alto

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Jazz Alto is the ally of all those who wish to enjoy the nutritional qualities of delicious fruit and vegetable juices. Its cold extraction system guarantees juices with incomparable benefits and flavor.

Very easy to disassemble and wash, this multifunction juice extractor has a power of 200W.

3-year warranty

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Robust and quiet, the juice extractor Jazz Alto extracts with effectiveness the juice of all the fruits and vegetables whether they are soft or hard, fibrous or grassy.

Jazz Alto extracts the juice thanks to a compression mechanism with screws at low rotation speed (60-80 rpm). This process is comparable to a cold extraction which provides an authentic juice preserving its nutritional qualities for more than 12 hours ( protected from light and heat). The extractor offers juices full of benefits but also flavors. In addition, extraction separates the juice from the fibers. The juices obtained are easier to digest.

The unique extraction process of Jazz Max guarantees optimum freshness. Vitamins, trace elements, enzymes and minerals are preserved.

The Jazz Alto extractor is versatile. In addition to the juice cone, it offers a grinding cone, soft mortar type, which enable you to make vegetable milks (almonds, soy beans …), grind fresh coconut pulp, grind coffee grains, etc. Jazz Alto has other accessories: flat noodle, round noodle, grissini.

Uses of juice extractor Jazz Alto:
fresh juice of vegetables and fruits
herbal juices and herbal oils
vegetable caviar and nut butters
vegetable milks
jams and jellies minute
homemade spaghetti

Advantages of the Jazz Alto:
• Extraction system in two phases, hyperperformant: a lot of juice, very little pulp.
• Made from premium materials.
• Continuous extraction without rinsing; the pulp is automatically ejected.
Thanks to its shredder, you can mill hard vegetables such as chickpeas for a hummus or frozen fruits for a minute sorbet.
• The very slow rotation speed (between 63 and 75 rpm) and the absence of metal during the pressure guarantee an unparalleled flavor and preserve enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
• System automatic safety shutdown of the device in case of blockage by overflow.
• Integrated fan prevents overheating.

Instructions for use and recipes in French.

Jazz Alto has a 3-year warranty

Dimensions of the Jazz Alto: Long. : 260 mm, width : 175 mm, high. : 215 mm

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