Physiological stool for toilets

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PhysioTab is the first physiological toilet stool.

Anatomical and ergonomic!

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Physiological stool for toilets – PhysioTAB

A crouched position in the bathroom is recommended by the German gastroenterologist Giulia Enders in her work: THE DISCREET CHARM OF INTESTINE.

With PhysioTab, physiological stool for toilets, you can elevate the legs and find this crouched position. Anatomical and ergonomic, it promotes perfect posture in the toilet and is a natural and simple solution to constipation problems.

PhysioTab also relieves the muscles of the perineum. The pubis is connected to the sacrum and bones of the pelvis by the perineum which ensures the maintenance of organs: bladder, uterus and intestine and the proper functioning of the anus and vagina. The perineum undergoes  many solicitations every days during efforts (such as when we lift heavy objects, when we cough or sneeze, during sports activities …) Difficult evacuation of the stool add one more pressure on the perineum.

The natural crouched position found thanks to Physiotab facilitates the evacuation of the stool and relieves the perineum. It can be a valuable aid in case of incontinence, hemorrhoids, prolapse. Doctors, physiotherapists and midwives have validated the natural efficacy of this physiological stool.

Materials: plastic material, anti-slip plastic underfoot

Maximum load: up to 150 kg

Dimensions: 44.5 cm length X 28 cm width X 21 cm height

Recommended use: place your feet slightly apart on each side of the stool. The knees are positioned above the hips and the legs are also higher than the pelvis. Tilt a little forward and let it go!

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