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The natural siwak is a vegetable toothbrush taken from the tree known as arak (Salvadora persica).

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Natural siwak (also called miswaak, arak or souak), comes from the tree Salvadora persica from the Middle East. This root fragment is directly taken from the shrub in the deserts of Pakistan, where no fertilizer or chemical is used.

For a very easy use, we offer the siwak in twig. It cleanses the mouth and helps take care of the gums.  An American study conducted in 2003 by the National Center for Biotechnology Information concluded that siwak use is more effective than using a toothbrush. 1

The traditional method is to chew the stick until it is softened, then to rub its teeth with its wet fibers. The use of natural siwak shows a real efficiency in the elimination of dental plaque. Research has shown that Siwak contains antibacterial compounds, useful for cleaning the mouth, preventing cavities and gum problems, as well as mineral salts, useful for strengthening enamel. The World Health Organization recommended its use in 1986 and in 2000.

How to use a siwak :

1- Let the siwak soak for 2 to 5 hours in clear water ( check if it becomes soft)

2- remove about 1 centimeter of the bark

3- chew with the molars the uncovered part of the siwak until the fibers separate and use as a toothbrush.

4- renew the siwak by regularly cutting the worn part

1 – Khalid Almas (BDS, MSc, FRACDS, FDSRCS Ed, DDPH, FICD, Zuhair Al-Zeid, BDS), « The Immediate Antimicrobial Effect of a Toothbrush and Miswak on Cariogenic Bacteria : A Clinical Study », The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice, vol. 5, no 1,‎ 15 février 2004

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