Organic coconut blossom sugar

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Organic coconut blossom sugar is made from the sap of coconut blossoms (cocos nucifera) in Indonesia, using a traditional process. Harvesting the sap of the blooms is a very old tradition and our producers are using their “know-how” to ensure the highest quality organic sugar.

The collected liquid sap is gently heated to evaporate the water until a thick amber syrup is obtained. The hardened syrup is then reduced to crystal sugar.

The production of coconut sugar is sustrainable because nothing is destroyed during the process : coconut trees remain in place and continue to produce buds, which will be used to make sugar or coconut again and again.

Coconut blossom sugar contains 16 amino acids including glutamine and threonine. It also contains vitamins ( group B except B12) and minerals. It contains 26 times more phosphorus, 15 times more potassium and 4 times more magnesium than brown sugar.

Ingredient : 100% Organic coconut blossom sugar (Cocos nucifera) in powder

Packaging :  300g package

Origin : Indonesia

Recommended use : use it like brown sugar in dusting or pastry

Caution of use : keep in a dry place, away from moisture and light.

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