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Pinhole glasses contribute to your well-being and help reduce the fatigue associated with regular use of computer screens.

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Working days are tiring for your eyes. Driving, prolonged reading, computers ..  You can do something for them : Relax them giving them pinhole glasses.

How does it work ?
The pinhole glasses, also known as stenopeic glasses,  use the biological trick of reducing the incidence of light. The effect of presenting a grid to the eye and reducing the effective aperture of the eye (defined by the size of the holes), proportionally reduces the size of the blurred circle (such as the focus of a camera) .

This brings the eye to use its own focusing mechanism; he can  make a better focus of the image, relearning to adapt to this distance.

The principle of these glasses is the same as when looking through the hole of a lock. The depth of field is increased, and the eye adapts. Your comfort of vision is affected!

Advantages :
– Anyone can wear the pinhole glasses without needing special adjustments from the optician.
– without adverse side effects or known contraindications.

Recommended use :
1 – Use the pinhole glasses every day, starting with 15 minutes and gradually increasing the wearing time to 2 or even 3 hours, to read, write or just relax.
2 – Exercise your eyes for a period of 6 weeks minimum
3 – Use the pinhole glasses while reading, writing, going for a walk. As they reduce the amount of ultraviolet radiation reaching the eye, they can also be worn to watch television for better comfort.

Precautions for use:
Do not use the pinhole glasses to drive, in case of physical activity, to work on machines.
Do not wear them over your glasses, but directly on your eyes. Do not expose them to heat.

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1 review for Pinhole glasses

  1. Rose-Marie MAIGRE (verified owner)

    10 jours d’utilisation quotidienne, entre 15 et 20 min à chaque fois. Je ne ressens aucun effet. Ni amélioration de la vision, et surtout, je ne ressens pas de muscles occulaires travailler. Je n’ai plus de motivation pour les porter. J’essaierai plutôt la gym pour les yeux.

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