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The nasal shower is recommended in the care and prevention of upper respiratory tract infestions : stuffy nose, colds and rhinitis, sinusities and allergies.

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Washing the nose with lota with warm and salty water is a simple, harmless gesture that smoothes out and gently cleanses the nose.
It is very effective in preventing sinusitis.
In a period of allergy due to pollen and dust, the nasal shower brings relief and comfort.

Washing the mucous membrane of the nose influences the functioning of distant organs:  for example the olfactory nerve and the eyes benefit from this washing thanks to the intensification of the blood circulation in the nasal cavity.

Try and you will see immediately the results.

The water must be slightly salty and at a temperature close to the temperature of the body. 3g of salt are enough to get close to the salt content of the body.

It is recommended to practice the nasal shower with lota for a good hygiene :

  • At least once a day in the morning
  • 2 or 3 times a day during pollination and/or colds.

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