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  • Sidibox Exotic Verbena Balm + Essential Oil – Raw cotton case

  • Sidibox Hydratant – Hessian pouch

  • Sidibox Make-up remover – Pompon

  • Sidibox Masque – Raw cotton pouch


Discover our exclusive collection of SidiB Garden Sidibox Packs, a complete solution for elegantly creating your own cosmetics . Each of our carefully designed Sidibox packs offers an immersive experience, highlighting natural beauty through authentic products. Opt for well-being with treatment rituals that evoke Berber tradition.

Each Sidibox is designed to offer harmony between natural benefits and contemporary elegance. Our refined kits contain natural treasures, inviting you to adopt a conscious, sustainable beauty routine.

Discover the magic of natural cosmetics with our SidiB Garden Sidibox Packs. Make every day special with a touch of natural luxury with our complete solution. Let yourself be seduced by authentic beauty and opt for an exceptional gift idea.