COLON-NET irrigation board

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Andreas Moritz was full of praise for the Colon-Net board, which he greatly preferred to all other intestinal cleansing tools.

It is guaranteed for life!

Complete your installation by ordering also the warm water filter and our jerrycan

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Planche COLON-NET irrigation du côlon + Jerrycan 20 L +
Price for all three: 321,40


With the Colon-Net irrigation board you can irrigate your colon in total autonomy and in the comfort of your home. It is sold with:

– 2 rectal cannulas,
– a detailed user manual,
– a tube with tap to control the arrival during your irrigation session,
– a connection tip to our specific jerrycan (not supplied with the board).

The jerrycan is ideally connected to the accessories of the Colon-Net board.
It is sold separately. Do not forget to order it at the same time as your board!
It will be delivered in the same package.

Due to its construction, the Colon-Net board is very solid. We guarantee it for life for users weighing up to 150 kg.

With the Colon-Net board, for the price of 3 sessions with a professional practitioner, you have for life a great tool to perform your colon irrigations at home, whenever you want, as often as you want.

After buying it, each session will only cost you … the price of water!

In rigid polyethylene, the Colon-Net board won’t break or be deteriorated.

Very easy to use, the Colon-Net board is placed directly on your toilet and on a chair. You can practice a deep irrigation of the colon, independently, thanks to a steady flow of water that you can control at any time.

Our Colon-Net irrigation board comes with a very detailed manual written by Bernard Clavière. In addition, our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions, by phone +33 556 619 105 or by mail:

Irrigation of the colon
Colon irrigation is an ancestral hygiene practice.

Most of the great names in the history of medicine have considered this practice as indispensable: Hippocrates, 4 centuries before Christ; Ambroise Pare and then Galen have published writings on the benefits of intestinal cleansing. In” The Essene Gospel of Peace” (probably the oldest naturopathic treatise), there is a detailed explanation of the archaic way of administering an enema with the help of a hollowed gourd hanging from a tree, its long stalk inserted into the anus.

The famous doctor Kousmine strongly recommended irrigations of the colon. Today, all naturopaths insist on the importance of regular intestinal cleansing.

– The dimensions of the board are 54 cm wide x 95 cm long, check the compatibility with your toilet. Its installation requires a free space of at least 95 cm .

– No return is possible after using the Colon-Net board: health and care products that have been used by the consumer after delivery can not be returned for reasons of hygiene and health protection.


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