Acerola Maxi

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Natural vitamin C with xylitol (birch sugar)
– Aroma red fruits

150 quadri-scored tablets of 2.6 g of acerola Maxi

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Acerola Maxi in tablets

Acerola is one of the richest fruit in vitamin C . It contains 20 to 30 times more vitamin C than oranges, with an average of 1.8g per 100g. It is essential for humans, even if our body does not know how to synthesize vitamin C. It’s also among all the vitamins, the one that our body needs the most because it contributes to reduce fatigue and helps the good functioning of the imune system.

Vitamin C naturally contained in acerola is better assimilated than synthetic vitamin C.

Ingredients : 28% acerola (with 25% of vitamin C), 52,8% dextrose, 9,6% xylitol, 3,8% blackberry powder,  2,3% calcium phosphate, 2% megnesium stearate, 1% silica,  0,7% aroma red fruits
Packaging: 150 quadri-scored tablets of 2.6 g of acerola Maxi
Net weight : 390 g
Recommended use :  bite or suck 1/2 tablet per day, in the morning after breakfast. 1 tablets provides 200% of recommended daily intake.
Precaution for use :
– do not exceed the recommended daily dose (1/2 tablet)
– Do not replace a varied and balanced diet
– keep out of reach of children
– Do not give to children under 3

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